Wednesday, May 26, 2010

VholdR contourHD 1080P Wind noise comparison

Now that I've Siliconed my LED, I decided to try the foam additionally

I decided to get a little more scientific about my testing

Here is my test setup.

I decided to use canned air to simulate wind noise.

There are 4 test scenarios

  1. Without Foam without Tape
  2. Without Foam with tape
  3. With Foam without Tape
  4. With Foam With Tape
I applied my foam as shown here.

I used black electrical tape to cover the hole at the bottom.

I spliced together the video to show the differences.

I then started wondering..  Well how much of the real sound will I be able to hear.

So I repeated the test with music playing in the background.

Here is the video showing differences with music playing in the background.

The real question still remains.. Which is best?

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