Monday, May 24, 2010

VholdR contourHD 1080P Wind noise fixed with silicone

Last week I purchased my contourHD and immediately found problems with wind noise.

It first took me quite some time to realize that the microphone hole is covered by the model sticker.

Once I got passed that I read quite a few of the ideas around fixes. Personally I agree with the users that say the wind is coming through the LED.

I specifically like this mod and writeup.

I am taking a slightly different approach though.

When I put a fan in front of the bottom case I can feel wind coming through. My solution is to seal the LED with silicone without blocking the light.

I used window and weather sealing silicone and applied it with a toothpick. I tried to push the sealer into the cracks as best as possible. You can actually see that there is a tiny speck of sealer between the top of the clear plastic and the black rubber case.

The clear plastic transmits the light through it. I made sure not to get any silicone on the edge where the light comes in.

As you can see by shining a colored light behind, the light still comes through. When I spray canned air at the front, you can't feel any air leaking through.

Watch the clip to hear the difference in this before and after.

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